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Conversations with Women

Conversations With Women

Conversations With Women is collection of real conversations from real women pieced into a coming of age narrative. Part poetry, part memoir, a boy becomes a man exploring themes of youth, sex, identity, and patriarchy through the wisdom of women. Timeless words in important times.

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Wait, how do I not know you?

I reserved this space so I could tell you all about me. The truth is, I hate writing bios and am always embarassed when others write them about me. You know already that I am a writer and an artist. You may know I am based in New York, and was raised in the American South. But what you likely don't know, is that while you may be here to learn more about me, I like to surround myself with talented and creative people all around the world. So, let this little paragraph offer you less about me, and more about you. Consider this my personal invitation to be one of those inspiring friends. Contact me. Say hello.

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I am often asked what I do for a living; the simple answer is, I make stuff. I make stuff with my bare hands, with code, with colors, with words. I aid in making the people around me realize their optimumĀ selves. I make my mother proud. I try to make my kids happy and encourage them to contribute more than they consume. I make sure self comes first. I make money. I make my own luck. I make a pretty solid french toast. And I do all that I can everyday to make the world better than it was yesterday.