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Apollo: A WordPress Theme From Scratch pt 3: Development (Demo)

Written by Cebo Campbell on June 5th   •   1 Comment »

Firstly, I am super happy about how Apollo has turned out. It looks/functions exactly how I imagined. It is loaded with features and intuitive to use. I will tell you about it, after the break to give you the full feature set.

Click Here For the Apollo Demo

  • Multiple Home Page Configurations
  • Fully Responsive
  • Full Screen Parallax Home Gallery
  • About “Us” Section for Teams
  • About “Me” Section for Individuals
  • Sexy Portfolio Section/Page Template
  • Multiple Portfolio Layouts
    • Full Screen Feature
    • Touch Ready Carousel Feature
    • Unlimited Color Backgrounds
    • Optional Image Galleries
  • Built In Mailchimp Ready Email Newsletter Template
  • Built In Basic Email Newsletter Template
  • Optional “Columnized” Two Column Layout
  • Multiple Page Layouts
  • Shortcodes
    • Dropcaps
    • Blockquotes
    • Tabs
    • Columns (up to 4)
    • Accordions
  • Pricing Chart
  • Contact Page
  • Parallax Office Section
  • Google Map Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Instagram Integration
  • Options Panel
  • Built In Contact Forms
  • Slide Out Contact Forms
  • PSD’s Included
  • Well Documented

Markup and WordPressification

People often ask me if I prefer design over development and, honestly, it is like asking me to choose between two slices of pizza. I want to enjoy both…don’t judge me. I love design because of the creative adventure and I love code because of the problem solving. With Apollo, my goal was to design as many problems for myself as I could and then figure all them bastards out in code. I’d decided I wasn’t going to worry much about pixel-perfection, but I did want the code to be clean and validated. On a side note, I also decided that Apollo would be my first work no longer supporting IE8. I hate IE8. You hate IE8. So let’s all be done with it.

The markup went well. I used a ton of new techniques that I had not previously used. The entire site is HTML 5 and is fully-responsive. I used neat little CSS3 tricks like keyframes for animations, an entirely css dropdown two tier navigation, placeholders, icon fonts (so cool) and lots of cool jquery plugins. I did run into issues, but overall, nothing major and the html checked out valid…and sexy as hell.

WordPressifying a site, as a base, is not that difficult. A theme only need a header, footer style.css and an index to work. But, thankfully, I had a framework I built a couple of years back that I could just update that included a full options panel, post-types, custom fields and pre-determined variables. I did add something I have railed against for a while: SHORTCODES!

In the past, I have always felt shortcodes, although helpful, limited the user if they ever wanted to switch themes. But, I decided this time I would give them a go, if only to provide additional configuration without breaking the design. I remains to be seen if the users will prefer them or not, but it provides a nice touch.

I have put together a demo page so you good folks can check out the theme. I am pretty happy with it. Next up I will go about choosing a marketplace to sell the theme and let you know how it goes.

Click Here For the Apollo Demo

…Gone … See Part 4: Choosing A Marketplace

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