Interviewed Louis Stewart Today

Although, not many people I know could recognize the name, Louis Stewart (me either), I met him today and immediately thought, “more of the kiddos in my generation should know this guy.” When I walked into the interview, mind you I had no idea what to expect as this was a last minute sort of thing, he sat at the table, an older gentleman, wearing the quintessential tweed blazer and sipping an ice tea. Before he said a word, one could sense the weight–he was an important dude noticeable by just his presence, like seeing one of the old black and white photographs of Hemingway or Langston Hughes.

I learned that Louis Stewart was a professional composer and classical pianist He has traveled all over the world playing, composing and conducting. He wrote film scores, played at the white house and even worked as a professor at Berklee College of Music.

We talked for a while after the interview’s generic questions. He told me that he thought schools should put more emphasis on their music programs, and that my generation and the one’s that followed are not as well-rounded with their musical knowledge. “They listen to lots of pop music,” He said, “But, I believe if they expanded and listened to the classics or even incorporated more of the classical style into the music they like, they will be better citizens in general. In my experience, anyone who has been through a real music program, for the most part, do better in life.”

I couldn’t agree more. Matter of fact, I am going out right now to see if I can pirate me some Gershwin.


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