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Made by Few, Made My Week

So, I am right now driving back from good ol’ Arkansas (listening to Donnie and Allan talk about buttholes), where I attended Made by Few, a brilliant design conference hosted by my good friend Arlton. The speakers included the likes of Mozilla superstar, Crystal Beasley, the redunkulously talented James White (seriously, check dude’s portfolio), and the realest designer you will ever meet, Aaron Draplin. The event was held at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, a place I had no idea existed, but found pleasure in discovering. The venue felt pulled right out of a Frank Lloyd Wright museum, complete with textile corners, floating rooms and old people…lots of old people looking around. Every Arkansan I met had a story about Bill Clinton or about Barbecue. The after party was flat out rock and roll. And from top to bottom, the event made my list of favorites so far this year.

What I liked most was linking up a few folks that I had previously met at Less Conf. Nothing like cold-chillin with like-minded folks looking to inspire and be inspired. So, I hung with a group of dope cats… Andre Bearfield, Will Collins, Jason Rehmus, and Lindley White. These four dudes, all super talented, laughed, drank and hi-fived the night away talking books, music, art, design, and bachelor parties. But, most importantly, we talked about how we planned to set the world on fire, to dent the universe with big ideas. We all have plans and rather than watch and wait for the future, we are actively building it. It’s for that reason that I even attend conferences. Lots of people are “planning” to do something, but these cats are “doing” that something…getting hands dirty, burning candles all night to craft an idea into a legacy. It’s good shit. And I think that is what Made by Few is all about.

I am sure I will be hanging with them again (meeting of the minds, Seattle, WA coming soon).

Here are some pics.

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