Cebo Campbell

Quit your job and go find a tree

So, the other day I had a thought:

“If you no longer have a desire to go out on a limb, quit your job and go find a tree.”

That thought has been vibrating in my head so much lately. I think we all have a belief that at some point in our lives we will create, do, or accomplish something that will change the world–that we will find immortality through what we make. Somewhere, in the daily toil, that desire gets lost. We wake up, go to work, keep our heads down, collect a paycheck and do it all over again. The desire is hidden in that rat-race shuffle, paled to process such that our once radiant aspirations are hardly more than an annoyance; an annoyance so strong that we snicker and condemn those whose desires still burn, “You’ll never be able to do that,” we say, “It’s impossible,” we assume, “You’re wasting your time.”

The truth is, we only live once. If you have ever had a desire to do something, do it. Today. Everything else is an excuse. Your obligations should not keep you from your dream, but inspire it–drive it into fruition. And don’t confuse making millions with accomplishing your opus. These things are monumentally different. Do something because you want it. It will not be easy, but neither was The Creation of Adam or The Republic, works that simply by being have changed the world and will be marveled through all time. What gleaming genius forged them into reality sparkle within you all the same. What separates you, me, and Plato is only a bit more courage; pushing through the BS and realizing you can do anything you want if you want it enough. Never, ever let anyone tell you what you cannot do. Go big.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. ” -Thoreau.

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I am an author and a Creative Director.

As a full-time creative (VP of Creative Services at Spherical), I spend most days writing in the nooks and crannies of my available time. I wake up at 5:30am just to get in a few hours putting words on paper. I write on the train. I write on planes. I write waiting in lines. I feel I have to write. The reason is simple: representation.

I often tell the story of Ferris Bueller; a kid who decides to skip school and, on charm alone, steals a car, impersonates a cop, drinks underage, tampers with computers, and at every step exposes his best friends to peril, only to go home and fall asleep with his mother to kiss him into sweet dreams. I asked myself if Ferris were Trayvon Martin, how might that story end? I know the answer. So do you. And this is why representation is so important. I aim to contribute more stories into the world that diversely feature regular (but beautiful) lives made extraordinary. Art, I believe, is the only way to accomplish this. All my creative work is inspired by and aims to add to all the great work in the world.